Amazon announces all-new Echo Frames with improved audio quality and longer battery life

Back in September, Amazon first announced Echo Frames. These Alexa-enabled glasses weigh 31 grams and give you hands-free access to your virtual AI with or without a prescription. Today, Amazon announced the all-new Echo Frames with improved audio quality, longer battery life (up to 40% longer for continuous playback than the previous generation at 60% volume), new colors, and features. Read about the new Echo Frames below.

  • The new Echo Frames improve upon its open ear audio technology, offering better sound.
  • The volume can now be set to automatically adjust at the start of playback based on the noise level of your environment and your selected listening profile—increasing the volume in noisier environments and lowering the volume in quieter environments.
  • Echo Frames still include VIP Filter—a feature that allows you to choose the apps and contacts you want to hear from, while filtering out the rest.
  • We’ve added support for calendars and group messaging, further enabling you to keep your phone in your pocket without worrying about missing an important update.

Echo Frames are now available for pre-order for $249.99, and will begin shipping on December 10.

Source: Amazon

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