Apple highlights HomePod in its annual holiday ad: ‘the magic of mini’

Apple has shared its annual holiday advertisement today, this year touting the “the magic of mini.” The ad features the rapper Tierra Whack and includes a focus primarily on Apple’s new $99 HomePod mini and the $299 full-sized HomePod.


The ad highlights the new HomePod mini and sticks to one of Apple’s long-running trends: how music can help improve your mood. The two songs featured in the video are:

“Turn up the holidays with HomePod mini. A little joy never sounded so big,” Apple says. Adweek has some details on the significance of the inclusion of Tierra Whack:


Now, with the debut of the more compact HomePod Mini, Apple and agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab are back with an ad that continues the earlier spot’s theme of how music can boost your mood. This time we don’t get the level of mind-bending visual effects seen in “Welcome Home,” but we do get an uplifting platform for another rising star: American rapper and songwriter Tierra Whack.

A little over 2 minutes long, “The Magic of Mini” shows Whack returning to her apartment in a dreary state, her scarf dragging along the cold gray sidewalk (a painful visual for any city dweller). But soon her HomePod Mini adds a colorful, miniature version of herself to the equation, and her mood quickly improves.

If you plan on purchasing a HomePod mini for someone this holiday season, we recommend doing it sooner rather than later. Shipping times on the space gray HomePod mini from Apple’s Online Store are already slipping past Christmas, while the white HomePod mini is pushing dangerously close. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it down in the comments!

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