First details about the Motorola RAZR 2 display leaked online

After Motorola RAZR and RAZR 5G, the Lenevo-owned company is currently working on a second-generation Motorola RAZR, which is expected to be called Motorola RAZR 2. And while we don’t know much about the upcoming clamshell foldable smartphone, display analyst Ross Young has given us some details about the display of the smartphone.


According to Ross Young, the RAZR 2 will be similar to its predecessor when it comes to the size of the display. Young claims that the size of the display of the RAZR 2 will be the same as that of its predecessor. The size of the display panel in the RAZR 2 will be 6.2 inches. The size of the secondary display of the second-generation RAZR will also be the same as the first-generation product. The display, however, didn’t give us any further details on the display, leaving us in the dark about the key details related to display resolution, screen refresh rate.

Currently, there is not much that we know about the upcoming RAZR-branded smartphone, so we’re still not aware of the specifications, release date, and availability of the smartphone. So, we can make some educated guess here, and based on that, we can say that the second-generation RAZR might see the daylight in the month of April next year.

How many of you’re excited about the Motorola RAZR 2 smartphone? Let’s know in the comments below.

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