Apple TV app now rolling out to more Sony TVs, inc high-end 2018 ones

The Apple TV app was promised for Sony TVs early last year, but the rollout hasn’t exactly been swift. Aside from a false-start a year ago, it wasn’t until last month that the app came to just one series: the X900H line.

That has now changed, with the app beginning its rollout to all 2020 Android TV models, most 2019 ones and a few high-end 2018 models …


FlatPanelsHD has the details.

Firmware v6.4960, which is rolling out now in Europe and coming soon to North America, introduces the Apple TV app widely across Sony’s TVs from the last few years.

As far as we can tell, this includes all 2020 Android TVs models, most 2019 models (but not AG8, XG83, XG81 and XG80 at this time), and two high-end 2018 Android TVs (AF9/A9F and ZF9/Z9F). The full changelog and a list of compatible TV models can be found at the bottom.

The Apple TV app naturally gives access to Apple TV+, but also to a number of third-party networks like HBO, Showtime, Starz and Noggin. Movies and TV shows rented or purchased from iTunes can also be viewed through the app.


Sony recently made the app available on the Playstation 4 and 5 games consoles.

Other smart TV brands to offer access to the Apple TV app include LG, Samsung and Vizio, as well as Roku and Amazon Fire devices.

The full list of compatible Sony TV models is:

2018 Sony TVs:

  • KD-65AF9
  • KD-55AF9
  • KD-75ZF9
  • KD-65ZF9

2019 Sony TVs:

  • KD-75XG9505
  • KD-65XG9505
  • KD-55XG9505
  • KD-75XG8505
  • KD-65XG8505
  • KD-65XG8577
  • KD-55XG8577
  • KD-55XG8505
  • KD-98ZG9
  • KD-85XG9505
  • KD-85ZG9
  • KD-55AG9
  • KD-65AG9
  • KD-77AG9
  • KD-85XG8596
  • KD-55XG8588
  • KD-55XG8599
  • KD-55XG8596
  • KD-65XG8588
  • KD-65XG8599
  • KD-65XG8596
  • KD-75XG8588
  • KD-75XG8599
  • KD-75XG8596
  • KD-75XG8796
  • KD-65XG8796
  • KD-55XG8796

2020 Sony TVs:

  • KD-85XH9505
  • KD-49XH9505
  • KD-49XH8505
  • KD-49XH8588
  • KD-49XH8599
  • KD-49XH8596
  • KD-49XH8577
  • KD-43XH8505
  • KD-43XH8588
  • KD-43XH8599
  • KD-43XH8596
  • KD-49XH9196
  • KD-43XH9196
  • KD-85XH8096
  • KD-75XH8096
  • KD-65XH8096
  • KD-55XH8096
  • KD-49XH8096
  • KD-43XH8096
  • KD-65XH8077
  • KD-55XH8077
  • KD-49XH8077
  • KD-43XH8077
  • KD-65XH8196
  • KD-55XH8196
  • KD-49XH8196
  • KD-43XH8196
  • KD-65A8
  • KD-65A87
  • KD-55A8
  • KD-55A87
  • KD-65A89
  • KD-55A89
  • KD-65A85
  • KD-55A85
  • KD-48A9
  • KD-75XH9505
  • KD-65XH9505
  • KD-55XH9505
  • KD-55XH8005
  • KD-49XH8005
  • KD-43XH8005
  • KD-85ZH8
  • KD-75ZH8

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