Report: Samsung Galaxy Note21 may not be dead after all

Today we have great news for Samsung Galaxy Note fans.  We reported a week ago that it appears that Samsung will kill their pen-based Fall flagship after news that the company is adding S-pen support to the S series of handsets has been all but confirmed.


Now Korean publication ETNews has thrown Note fans a lifeline, confirming both that S-Pen support is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S21, with Samsung ordering digitizers for the device, but also that Samsung will still be releasing a Note21 next year.

According to their industry source, this will, however, be reduced to only 1 model, rather than the two or even three the company has released recently, as Samsung tries to move high-end users to their foldable range. ETNews also confirmed that Samsung is trying to add S-Pen support to the Fold 3.


This is great news for those who want some element of ruggedness for their handsets (water and dust resistance for example) but it still seems likely the handset will no longer be Samsung’s technology and innovation flagship, as their emphasis moves increasingly to their foldables.

What do our readers think of this news? Let us know below.

via Cosyplanes

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