Apple TV Eve? Leaker suggests first hardware update in 3 years coming in December

Rumors have been swirling recently that Apple will release an unannounced product on Tuesday, December 8, and there’s a very good signal that the sixth-generation Apple TV could be that surprise. The hardware release could be timed with the release of Apple Fitness+, the new subscription exercise program also launching this month.


Master of cryptography and extremely specific Apple leaks @L0vetodream tweeted on Tuesday that perhaps “Cook himself didn’t know that Apple would release a new Apple TV this year” in a reference to the long-rumored update to the Apple TV 4K. The fifth-generation Apple TV hardware was the first to enable 4K video output, but the A10X Fusion isn’t the best fit for a streaming box in the age of Apple Arcade and the A12X and A14 processor.

The teaser tweet on its own would be insightful enough for potential Apple TV hardware customers. It paints a clearer picture of the ‘Christmas surprise’ tweet from the same account a few weeks prior.


Pair it with the report that Apple told its support team to prepare for a new product release on December 8 and we just might have a new Apple TV on our hands.

Apple is also expected to release iOS 14.3, tvOS 14.3, and more software updates any day now. Releasing a new Apple TV hardware box with Apple Fitness+ which is promised before the end of the year would be a great end of a busy Apple product release year.

Next question: should we expect a redesigned Apple TV Siri remote?

Apple introduced the touchpad and voice-based Siri remote with the fourth-generation Apple TV in 2015. A microscopic revision amounting in the addition of a new rubber ring about one button was made when the current Apple TV 4K hardware was introduced in 2017.

Update: Need more drama for Apple TV and December surprises? The L0vetodream tweet could alternatively be a subtweet dismissing another account that does claim a new Apple TV is coming…

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