Samsung’s pretty nice screen recorder for PCs now available

We posted earlier that Samsung is working on a pretty nice screen recorder app for their Windows 10 laptops.

The app, simply called Samsung Screen Recorder, should be good enough for most user needs.

The app features an always-on-top app bar which will let you:

  • Start screen recording
  • Take a screenshot
  • Launch a webcam window
  • Launch the app settings

You can select the screen to record (useful for a dual-monitor setup), select a webcam as the source, and adjust the following parameters:

  • Video resolution of the recording (up to a low quality of 720 × 480)
  • Audio On / Off (and audio source selection)
  • Yes / no display of the cursor icon during recording and associated click effects
  • Select the folder where to save the recordings
  • Image format selection of screenshots (PNG, JPEG, TIFF and BMP)
  • Quick keyboard input customization
  • Other information, app usage guide, etc.

Recording will start after a 3-second count-down timer.

The app is currently in the Microsoft Store and is unfortunately only be available to Samsung laptops. Thankfully Microsoft is working on a Powertoy (Video Gif Editor) with similar functionality, but likely fewer features.

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