Report: Apple may have to wait till 2023 to deliver a periscope zoom camera

It may or may not have escaped iPhone fans, but the company is falling behind when it comes to phone camera features, with none of their handsets offering high-zoom periscope cameras, now a two-year-old technology since introduced by Huawei in 2019.


A report by Korean site TheElec suggests the wait may be even longer, as Apple struggles with suppliers and patents.

Samsung reportedly holds key patent for the folded lens technology and are unlikely to supply these components to Apple, to maintain their competitive position.

Samsung reportedly uses ball guide actuators for its folded zoom camera, while Apple holds patents for a spring-actuated system which has less speed and accuracy, and is more power-hungry and less durable. This is particularly important as more lenses are used and sensors get larger.


Apple may get around this issue by having their supplier LG InnoTek source the technology from Samsung Electro-Mechanics, but this may have to wait till between 2022 and 2023, according to people familiar with the matter.

In the quantities Apple requires however they will likely still have to negotiate with Samsung, but the Elec reports a deal will likely be possible, with Samsung replacing Japanese component suppliers such as Mitsumi Electric and Alps Alpine as the actuator supplier.

With the main innovation of the iPhone 12 being a magnet system, do our readers think Apple is falling behind? Let us know below.

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