Google testing Assistant Routines that can be triggered by sunrise, sunset

Assistant Routines have recently seen a flurry of developments from Android homescreen shortcuts to a new editing UI, and Google is now rolling out sunset/sunrise triggers for some users.


As part of a visual revamp that cleans up the creation interface, there’s a new way to “start your routine.” “Sunrise / sunset” joins the existing “Voice command” option where you create a custom phrase and “Time.”

After choosing one, you can “Select a location,” as well as whether the Assistant Routine triggers at the precise event or some interval before/after it. Users then specify what days it should repeat and the device. There’s also the standard option to get notified on your phone when it invokes.


In the past, users that wanted something similar could manually set a general time, but had to account for changes throughout the year. It can now be precisely and automatically tuned to the sun. This is especially useful for activating or turning off smart lighting across your home.

The ability to have sunset/sunrise trigger Assistant Routines is not yet widely rolled out, with only one report on Reddit this evening. It looks to coincide with the visual tweaks coming to the editing page. Look for the new design and feature from either the Google Home app or the Routines menu in Assistant settings.

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