Stadia Pro free trial is now available without a payment method in advance

After we spotted the option earlier this year, Google is now offering a trial to Stadia Pro that’s absolutely and completely free of charge, going to the point of not even requiring a payment method up front.


Spotted by “Cloudproto” on the official Stadia Discord channel, new users of the service are now being offered a free Stadia Pro trial at no cost whatsoever. One-month trials have been available since April of this year when the free tier launched, but have always required a payment method in advance so the trial can automatically continue when the free month ends — normal practice for free trials to almost any subscription service.

When signing up for a new Stadia account today, you’ll see the screen below that allows users to start a Stadia Pro free trial with just a single click, no need to enter any payment information. The catch? These Stadia Pro trials are only valid for 30 minutes, then you’ll need to enter some form of payment method to continue the regular one-month trial.

As far as we can tell, this new free trial option has rolled out widely for new Stadia users, though we can’t find any Google support pages regarding the option.

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