Ring has a cool new Mailbox Sensor

Ring has released a new sensor for its Ring home security network.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor lets you know when mail arrives or when anyone opens your mailbox. The system sends a real-time notification in the Ring App or via a connected Alexa-enabled device whenever your MailboxSensor detects motion.

It is designed to be placed inside the mailbox with an antenna which is affixed with an adhesive pad on the outside of the mailbox, allowing the signal to reach the required Ring Hub. The kit comes with a drill bit and grommets in case you need to drill a hole in your mailbox.

The system can be linked with Ring Smart Lighting, Cameras, and Doorbells to turn on and start recording when the sensor detects motion.

The sensor costs $29.99 or $49.99 if you do not already have a Ring Bridge.

Check it out at Ring here.

via The Verge

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