You can grab Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at Facebook marketplace before launch

We are eagerly awaiting the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Pro truly wireless headsets, but if you are super-fan in the USA it seems you can purchase a set right now.

Some-one appears to have managed to find a few boxes which fell of the back of a truck and are selling them on Facebook Market place.

As proof that they really do have the device they have posted the following pictures:

The box confirms some features such as active noise cancellation, an IPX7 waterproof rating and 18 hrs playback time.


Earlier leaked information shows the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will have the same in-ear design as the older Buds and Buds+, but with the usual improved sound quality, improved Ambient mode, and better Active Noise Cancellation than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

The more conical design of the buds suggests the headphones will also be seated a lot deeper in your ear than before.

The latest rumours suggest they will cost a reasonable $199 in USA, and 229 Euro in Europe. The seller on Facebook Marketplace is only charging $180. Check him out at your own risk here.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Pro:

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