Apple indirectly Promotes Fitness+ playlists in Apple Music search

One of the key features Apple touts with its new Fitness+ workouts service is deep integration with Apple Music. One of the ways in which this is now manifesting itself is with a dedicated category in the Music app, allowing users to quickly view playlists from Fitness+ workouts.


Apple has a new Fitness category in the Apple Music service, under which you’ll find a variety of playlists dedicated to Apple Fitness+. Apple refers to these as “Studio Series Playlists” and says that the playlists are crafted by Apple Music editors and Apple Fitness+ trainers.

The Apple Fitness+ team gathers some of the world’s best trainers to coach you through rewarding workouts for all levels of fitness or experience. So they know a thing or two about motivation—and how music can play a part. To accompany your next workout, the trainer team, along with Apple Music’s editors, has curated the Studio Series of playlists, with each set of tracks calibrated and designed to keep your energy up and help you complete that last set, run the last mile, or hold that last pose. Choose your workout, hit play, and prepare to crush it.

There are Studio Series Playlists are dedicated to specific types of workouts, such as cycling, treadmill, rowing, HIIT, and more. Apple also has playlists for specific genres, such as “Country Run” and “Pure Dance Row.”


You can find these playlists by going to the Search tab in the Apple Music app and looking for the “Fitness” category.

And of course, you can also find songs and playlists for specific workouts in the Fitness app itself, under the Fitness+ tab. For each workout, you’ll find a “Listen in Music” button that takes you directly to that workout’s playlist in the Music app.

Have you given Fitness+ a try yet? If so, what are some of your favorite workouts and trainers? Let us know down in the comments!

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