Samsung launches Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth tracker for $29

Samsung today announced the launch of Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth tracker. With the new Galaxy SmartTag, finding lost things has now become more hassle-free as you can even get help from other users’ Galaxy devices to locate your lost items.


Even when offline, the Galaxy Find Network can use scanned data to find it for you privately. And it’s easy to scroll through a history of where the tag’s been to retrace it. You can also use other devices you own to locate your items. Galaxy SmartTags have a Bluetooth range of up to 120m without obstacles.

You can easily control your smart home with just a simple click. Smart Tags can control various IoT devices with just a click of a button, so you can turn on the lights in your home before you even step inside.

SmartTags are sold individually, or come packaged in bundles of 2 for even more convenience. Each Smasung Galaxy SmartTag will cost $29. Later this year, Samsung will launch Galaxy SmartTag+ that uses Ultra Wide Band (UWB) and AR mapping for more accurate location finding.


You can pre-order the new Galaxy SmartTag using the link below.

Source: Samsung

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