Folding iPhone prototype has a big new upgrade, says Prosser

A new report says that Apple is testing chemically ‘strengthened Ceramic Shield folding glass’ in one of its folding iPhone prototypes.

Rumors abound that Apple is planning to release a folding iPhone… well… someday. In December Digitimes said it would be released in 2022, the only noted detail would be that the iPhone would use a flexible OLED display. Serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser has previously stated that Apple’s ‘foldable’ iPhone isn’t really foldable, but is rather two separate display panels joined with a hinge similar to the Microsoft Surface Duo.


In a new Front Page Tech video, Prosser has revealed a new update in the folding iPhone saga:

There are two different prototypes for a foldable iPhone. One that is sort of two displays on a hinge, and looked more like the Galaxy Z fold and the other is a clamshell-style flippable device like the Galaxy Z Flip The exclusive update about this story is regarding that dual-screen “thing”… Apparently, they [Apple] are working on a brand new version of that prototype that does in fact use a full Samsung OLED folding panel on that device.

As opposed to two separate displays, Prosser says Apple is now testing an “actual foldable display panel”. The tech behind the move is reported to be ‘chemically strengthened Ceramic Shield folding glass’. Prosser did however note that folding iPhone prototypes are in their very early stages and that the situation is very fluid. Responding to Prosser’s info, display analyst Ross Young noted:

@jon_prosser reported that Apple is working on a foldable version of chemically strengthened ceramic shield. Samsung’s foldables already use chemically strengthened glass from SCHOTT. Will be interesting to see how thin ceramic shield glass can be made.


The thickness will determine the foldable radius. Thicker glass can be used with the seam laser processed (see LPKF) but it currently changes the appearance of the glass. Apple/Corning working on foldable glass isn’t a surprise, but use of ceramic shield is a good update.

Apple’s foldable phone remains a whispered rumor at this point, but all the signs point to some kind of prototype is in the works and making the rounds for testing. Whether any foldable iPhone makes it to market remains to be seen.

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