Apple’s VR headset will launch with limited AR features in 2022

Apple's first VR headset to be powerful and pricey: What we know so far

Apple is reportedly working on a virtual reality headset that will launch in 2022. 

Reported by Bloomberg Technology, Apple’s first stab at entering the headset space will reportedly focus on providing a high-quality virtual reality experience instead of augmented reality.


While Apple has incorporated multiple AR technologies into their mainstream product lines – such as LIDAR – the company’s first headset will only feature limited AR functionality in its first generation release.

The report states that the upcoming Apple Headset is “a mostly virtual reality device” that will join the fight against Facebook’s Oculus, Sony’s PSVR, HTC’s Vive and Valve’s Index line of headsets.


The Apple Headset is expected to be “far more expensive” than its contemporaries as the company believes the device to be a niche product that will sell roughly “one headset per day per retail store”. With the low number of worldwide Apple Stores, Bloomberg believes that estimated sales figures land around 180,000 per annum.

Many believed that Apple’s headset would focus mostly on providing a high-quality Augmented Realty experience, rivaling that of the Microsoft Hololense line. However, it seems that the company is planning on slowly evolving that form of interaction in the future.

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