Microsoft Edge web browser to get several new features this month

This month marks the one-year birthday of the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser. To celebrate the occasion, Microsoft today announced some new themes, you can read about it here. Microsoft also announced several new features that are coming to Microsoft Edge browser this month, read about them below.

  1. Sidebar search is now generally available in Microsoft Edge.
  2. See incoming emails directly from the new tab page of Microsoft Edge. With the new smart tile for Outlook, you can see your three most recent emails and also start a new email or meeting request in Outlook, directly from the new tab page.
  3. Now you can sync your history and tabs, in addition to favorites, passwords and autofill information.
  4. Now macOS provides the ability to switch sites that authenticate with a user’s work profile so it’s easier to toggle between work and personal browsing.
  5. You’ll notice subtle updates to icons in Microsoft Edge that are rounder and softer in appearance. They are built from a consistent key-line and grid which allows for more visual consistency when scanning menus, lists, etc.
  6. Microsoft Edge now has a sleeping tabs feature that boosts browser performance by improving memory and CPU resource usage, rolling out now.
  7. New Password generator to help keep you and your family safer online. With password generator, Microsoft Edge will automatically suggest a secure password when you’re changing an existing password or signing up for a new online account, automatically saving it to your browser autofill settings.

Source: Microsoft


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