Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G gets a big price cut and is now the most affordable foldable

Samsung has just announced a permanent $250 price cut for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G device in the US, making it Samsung’s most affordable foldable at only $1,199.99.

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G for $1,449.99 on the 7th August 2020, and the device is now available with a $250 discount.

This device is available at the new price in Mystic Bronze colour from AT&T, though the lower price does not appear to have reached Amazon yet.

Based on the feedback from the users of Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung is delivering an upgraded experience for Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

  • Flex mode – Easily and simultaneously view and control content with the Galaxy Z Flip’s custom-built user experience, which utilizes its unique forward folding form factor. When the device is free-standing, the display automatically splits into two 4-inch screens so you can view content on the top half of the display, and control on the bottom half.
    • YouTube with Flex mode – With Flex mode, enjoy watching your favourite YouTube channel hands-free. While streaming on the top half of your device, you can also browse, read descriptions, and comment on the bottom half. Plus, enjoy four months of YouTube Premium with your Galaxy Z Flip 5G for an uninterrupted experience.
    • Camera Update with Flex mode – Now it is even easier to shoot from higher and lower angles with the Galaxy Z Flip. Whether you want to capture low-angle action videos or vibrant birds-eye photos of your meal, simply double-tap in Flex mode to switch the camera’s preview window from the top to the bottom half of the device.
  • Multitasking – Effortlessly multi-task with Multi-Active Window by using the Multi-Window Tray to drag and drop the apps you want to use.
    • App Pair – Seamlessly open and access two apps at once using App Pair in the Multi-Window Tray, so when you are ready to share photos with a friend, your Gallery and Messaging apps will open simultaneously.
    • Multi-window Tray – The Multi-window Tray is now part of a more robust Edge Panel integration, for added convenience, providing access to more apps.

Galaxy Z Flip 5G also comes with Galaxy Z Premier Service and Concierge Support. Customers can reach a Galaxy Z Concierge Representative at a dedicated toll-free number or by scheduling an appointment.

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