Android Auto is now rolling out wallpaper support

Google’s Android Auto has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and with competition from Apple, the platform has seen some big changes over the past couple of years. Following CarPlay’s addition of wallpapers last year, Google has now finally delivered the same functionality in Android Auto.


This feature arrival comes as no surprise, we’ve seen it in development for months now, even seeing the collection of wallpapers that would be available ahead of time. Now, with Android Auto v6.1, Google has officially enabled wallpapers for all users to take advantage of.

Android Auto doesn’t allow for fully customizable wallpapers, rather giving users access to 15 different, car/travel-themed options. The default wallpaper that’s been on all Android Auto vehicles since the 2020 redesign is now called “Mountains,” with 14 other options available. These include textures that you’d find in cars such as stitched leather, carbon fiber, and more. There are also stylized pictures of a brake rotor and grille. Aside from that, there are a couple of unique textures and patterns with “Amp,” “Waves,” and “Ether,” and the rest of the collection uses pictures of the outdoors including a forest, mountains at dusk, and a road with headlight trails.


These are all pretty neat wallpapers. My personal favorite is definitely “dusk,” but “stitches” is a close second, as it matches the styling of my Crosstrek’s interior.

You can access wallpapers on Android Auto with v6.1 of the app, rolling out now. To change your wallpaper, visit the Settings app on your car’s Android Auto homescreen, then scroll slightly down until you see the “Choose wallpaper” option pictured below.

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