New Moto-branded Wear OS watches look to be coming soon: Moto G, Watch, and One

In early 2020, a new Moto 360 was released by a Canadian company called eBuyNow following a licensing deal with Motorola. That arrangement is expanding later this year as new Moto-branded Wear OS devices are on the way.

This information comes from a published investor presentation (via Watch Smarty) dated February 9, 2021 from eBuyNow and CE Brands Inc. Buyers of the new Moto 360 are aware of the first company, but a merge is underway:


CE Brands Inc & eBuyNow eCommerce Ltd have entered into a binding amalgamation agreement which will result in CE Brands Inc assuming the operations and assets of eBuyNow eCommerce Ltd.

A product roadmap for 2021 lists a “Moto G Smartwatch” for June, while July sees a “Moto Watch” and “Moto One.”

This Moto G Smartwatch, which is clearly named after the line of phones, is near identical to the current Moto 360. However, there is a white/silver case and no rotating crown with two flat buttons on the right side instead. The naming suggests this will be a more affordable offering, while it reveals that the Motorola brand license agreement has expanded.

Assuming the ordering is accurate, a month later we should see an entirely new rectangular Moto Watch running Wear OS with one button that takes cues from the Apple Watch. The signature watch face has been adapted to the different screen. The Moto One looks to be slimmer, rounded, and possibly more premium offering. 


Elsewhere, a “Product Partners” slide says that “eBuyNow is one of a handful of active Wear OS Licensees,” while the company is “among the earliest stage companies partnered with Qualcomm for premium wearables.” 

It remains to be seen what specs will drive these devices, but the Snapdragon Wear 4100 with 1GB of RAM would future proof these watches, and speak to eBuyNow’s touted relationship with Qualcomm. That said, the implied affordability of the G Smartwatch could mean a 3100 processor.

This presentation also appears to show off a never-before-seen white 3rd-generation Moto 360 that features a transparent rear case that allows users to see the charging coils and other circuitry. It makes for a rather cool design.


Overall, this expanded lineup of new Moto watches — if they pan out — would help provide meaningful competition to existing Fossil Group offerings and help grow the Wear OS ecosystem.

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