Low Bandwidth Mode coming soon to Microsoft Teams

Video calls are bandwidth-intensive, which means every morning our corporate network slows down to a crawl as various departments catch up.

Till now this has meant many companies have had to mandate audio-only calls with video off for most participants, negating the point of video conferencing, but Microsoft has finally responded with a better solution.


Microsoft has been working on a Low Data mode for Microsoft Teams, and the feature will be rolling out this month.

On the Microsoft 365 roadmap site Microsoft explains the feature as such:

Microsoft Teams: Low data mode


Whether you want to preserve data or are in a location with a poor or limited network connection, sometimes it’s helpful to limit the amount of data you’re using during a video call. A new low data mode allows users to cap the amount of data that will be used during Teams video calls as well as establish different settings based on network availability.

The feature is intended for the desktop, not web client, is currently in development, and will be rolling out sometime in the next few weeks.

via onMSFT

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