Developers can now see data on Mac app usage via App Store Connect

Apple has told developers that they can now see more information about how their Mac apps are performing after being installed via the Mac App Store. The new information is available via App Store Connect – just like apps downloaded from the iOS App Store.

Apple says that developers can access data such as whether or not their app was uninstalled as well as information on crashes. General usage data is also available including user sessions and more.


However, the privacy-conscious will be pleased to know that Apple will only make this data available to developers if a user has opted to allow Apple to share its diagnostics and usage information with app developers.

App Analytics now provides usage metrics for Mac apps, including data on installations, sessions, active devices, crashes, and deletions. And now you can measure user retention to see how often users return to your app after downloading it. Data is only available from users who have agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information with app developers.

All of this is good news for developers of Mac apps who have not had access to the same kinds of data that iPhone and iPad app developers have enjoyed.


If Apple is working on making Mac app development better and easier for developers, can I humbly suggest that it’s time for a Mac version of TestFlight, please?

C’mon Apple, make it so. And developers, maybe it’s time to upgrade to the best Mac Apple makes – anything with an M1 chip to make those Xcode builds even faster!

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