Concept flip phone iPhone 13 with folding screen rendered

Apple has long been rumoured to be working on a folding iPhone, but the latest leaks suggest that it may be more than a year before the new style of handset arrives. In addition, Apple is believed to be working on a flip phone design rather than a folding tablet.


LetsGoDigital has worked with graphics designer Technizo Concept to bring the device to life a bit earlier, creating the images which can be seen below:

The concept has a similar design to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and features a small cover display, much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, though somewhat more generous in size.

The design can be better appreciated in the video below:’

It remains unclear exactly when Apple will deliver a folding iPhone, with 2022 or 2023 being speculated. In the mean time Android OEMs continue to push ahead, with Samsung expected to release their 3rd generation Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold in Q3 2021.

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