New ‘Fumble’ ad shows the iPhone 12 can take a dive into the pavement

Apple has debuted another iPhone ad that aims to highlight the strength of the new Ceramic Shield that protects the front display of the iPhone 12 lineup.


The new ad, titled Fumble, shows a woman who goes all out in attempting to prevent her new iPhone 12 from taking a dive into the sidewalk. She is unsuccessful but thankfully, due to the Ceramic Shield, her iPhone is unharmed. The ad ends with Apple telling everyone to “Relax, it’s iPhone.”

iPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield. Tougher than any smartphone glass. Relax, it’s iPhone.

Fumble is the second ad that Apple has created to highlight the new Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12 lineup. The first, titled Cook, showed off both the Ceramic Shield as well as the waterproofing that the new iPhone is capable of.

As Apple explains on the iPhone 12 website, Ceramic Shield is a new glass technology developed by Apple and Corning that has resulted in quadruple the drop performance when compared to the iPhone 11.

Enter Ceramic Shield. It’s made by introducing nano-ceramic crystals — which are actually harder than most metals — into glass. Sounds simple, but it’s incredibly difficult because most ceramics aren’t transparent. By controlling the type of crystals and degree of crystallinity, we developed an exclusive formula that maximizes the toughness of the ceramic while remaining optically clear. This was the breakthrough that made Ceramic Shield ideally suited for the display. It’s a first in any smartphone, and it’s tougher than any smartphone glass.

Beyond Ceramic Shield, there’s one more thing that contributes to the durability of the front cover. It sits flush to the edge of the phone, which helps protect it even more. Altogether, we’ve quadrupled the drop performance — the largest year-over-year improvement ever for iPhone.


While Ceramic Shield has improved the drop performance, scratch performance remains comparable to previous iPhone models. Apple and Corning will likely tackle that next.

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